Data Solutions​

Customer Modeling


A significant portion of your income originates from a select group of clients. By identifying the industries they belong to, their job titles, annual revenue, employee count, expenditure habits, and utilizing past behavior data and algorithms, we can create a targeted analysis. The Expo Insider’s Client Mirroring Service aims to leverage this data to identify comparable prospects, allowing you to tap into untapped segments of your market.

Data Enrichment

Our Data Enrichment solutions enables you in knowing more about your Attendees, Customers and Prospects so you can market to them more effectively or target and identify new prospects who look just like your customers. The Expo Insider can append vital details that are missing in your database such as contact name, title, email, phone number, mailing address, type of business, number of employees, and annual sales volume.

Potential Client Database

Utilizing our Potential Client databases can significantly aid marketers by facilitating targeted, data-driven campaigns aimed at enhancing business profitability and revenue. Access to both personal and professional audience data, including worldwide decision-makers from businesses of any size and industry, enables the widening of market reach and amplification of brand awareness through diverse multichannel campaigns. As a marketer, navigating the complexities of audience identification and data acquisition poses significant challenges. Our Potential Client databases serve as the top choice for generating accurate and preferred business leads, covering regions across North America, APAC, the Middle East, and other global locations.

Data Hygiene

NCOA Update:
Identify address changes for businesses in your database with our National Change of Address Update Service. We will match your mailing lists against the United States post office (USPS) NCOA file, which contains 48 months of permanent address changes.

ECOA Update:
Reactivate your existing old clients and stay connected with them. Businesses lose up to 42% of their customer email database each year due to email bounces, change of email addresses or updated service providers.